Cash Management Services

Methods to Manage and Maximize your Business’ Cash Flow

Managing your company's cash position, improving availability, maximizing the use of cash, and minimizing accounts receivable collection time are all serious demands. Our cash management products and services are designed to help you streamline your cash management needs.

There is simply no more convenient way to control your banking relationship than using North Shore Bank’s online banking. You can do just about everything you can in-person, at any time day or night, and from any computer with online access.

Signing Up for Online Banking: Signing up for Online Banking is easy if you already have an account at North Shore Bank. Click on Enroll and follow the simple steps. If you do not already have an account, Contact us or visit one of our branches.

Bill Pay Services through Online Banking: Why stick a first class stamp when you can simply click a button to pay your bills? Setting up bill pay services is easy and the convenience cannot be beat. Contact us for assistance setting up Bill Pay Services.

E-Statements through Online Banking: Have your statements emailed directly to you each month rather than wait for them in the mail. They’re faster, they’re more convenient and better for the environment and everyone! Signing up is as simple as logging into your online banking and selecting E-Documents to start the process. Contact us if you need assistance.

QuickBooks download available to assist your business with account reconcilation. Contact us to start using this feature today.

Remote Deposit Capture provides the ability to deposit checks right from your office desk. Simply scan the check and it is automatically routed to your account. Eliminates the wasted time you or your employee spend driving to the bank – saves gas and money!

Direct Deposit offers your employees the convenience of having their paycheck deposited directly into an account at the bank of their choice. Benefits include reduced administrative and operating expenses, improved cash management forecasting and convenient availability of funds for employees on a timely basis.

Direct Payment allows you to collect funds directly from consumer accounts to improve cash management, staff productivity and predictability of cash flow; while reducing accounting costs and paper handling.

Cash Concentration is the collection of funds on predetermined dates which lead to improved cash flow forecasting and funds management, as well as reduced need for wire transfers and other cash management benefits for your business.

Corporate Payments allows companies to electronically transmit funds and payment information between one another. Corporate Payment improves cash flow forecasting and vendor relationships as a result of more timely payments. It also reduces internal processing costs and assures payment discounts for predetermined payment dates.

Merchant Services makes it easy for your business to accept credit cards from your customers. We offer a variety of credit and debit card processing solutions. 

Sweep Accounting links to your North Shore deposit and/ or loan accounts to give you more control over your cash flow and maximize the earning power of your money. You get a clear picture of presentments and balances, transfers, and interest earned on accounts to facilitate productive cash management.

Wire Transfer means fast and accurate transmissions, secure payment option for large-dollar transactions, and secure Internet wire transfer origination available for one-time or recurring transfers. Contact us for information on how to send or recieve a Wire Transfer.

Bank Cards help you separate business expenses from personal expenses with cards for you and your employees. Our Business Cards simplify bookkeeping and effectively control expenses. Our Business Travel Card can turn your business expenses into travel rewards and our Purchasing Card is designed to help mid- to large-sized corporate customers consolidate, analyze, monitor, and control business-to-business purchases. Click here to learn more!  Existing card holders can click here to sign in and view their transaction history or make a payment.

Use your North Shore Bank Card wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted or to get cash at any North Shore Bank ATM or at thousands of MoneyPass® ATM's throughout the country without being charged a transaction fee!

  • Money is deducted directly from your checking account.
  • Monthly statements display the transaction amount and location for easy tracking.
  • Get cash back at participating Merchants by performing a PIN Based purchase transaction.

See our ATM locator map or the MoneyPass website for a cash machine near you.

Money Pass

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) streamlines and simplifies your Federal tax payments through the use of a touch-tone telephone or a PC to complete your tax payment.

Financial Electronic Data Interchange allows you to communicate and transact business with your trading partners, which promotes precise cash forecasting, eliminates mailing of paper invoices, reduces paperwork and errors and avoids delays between trading partners.

Whether you’re just getting started or are looking for some new ways to manage your cash, give us a call at 218-625-1268 or Contact Us for an appointment. We’d be delighted to put our bank to work for your business.

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Rate 3.500% | APR 3.737%
Conventional Fixed, 20 Years
Rate 3.750% | APR 3.936%
Conventional Fixed, 30 Years
Rate 4.000% | APR 4.135%
FHA, 30 Years
Rate 3.500% | APR 4.654%
VA, 30 Years
Rate 3.625% | APR 3.750%
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