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In our ongoing effort to protect you from debit card fraud we have initiated an automated CARD ALERT NOTIFICATION* system.

Our fraud detection program will monitor your North Shore Bank debit card transactions for any suspicious activity, and if detected, will contact you directly by phone or by text for verification.

*This is not fraud protection, merely a fraud alert system. Please continue to safe guard all of your card(s)  and use your good common sense whenever you use your debit card.

We are aware that many customers are concerned about the 'Heartbleed Bug' (Open SSL vulnerability) which has been in the news recently.

Please be assured: 

- North Shore Bank of Commerce is committed to security and has verified that none of our systems were affected by this vulnerability.
- Any password you utilize on our web site has always been secure.
- Use of the same password on various web sites, though convenient, increases your risk for compromise.
- The safest course of action is a different password for each website you use.  Please change those passwords now.

As an extra precaution you will be prompted to change your on-line banking password.

For more information, please visit the Heartbleed web site.

Save time and reconcile your bank accounts with ease throughout the month. Contact us to start using this feature today.
Conventional Fixed, 15 Years
Rate 2.750% | APR 2.982%
Conventional Fixed, 20 Years
Rate 3.375% | APR 3.684%
Conventional Fixed, 30 Years
Rate 3.500% | APR 3.631%
FHA, 30 Years
Rate 3.250% | APR 3.492%
VA, 30 Years
Rate 3.375% | APR 3.624%
February 07

Duluth, MN