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Gives the customer the ability to calculate their FDIC insurance coverage position for all bank accounts, both business and personal.

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Find My Routing Number
Also referred to as RTN, Routing transit number, ABA, or bank routing number, your routing number is a nine-digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks.  

For Personal accounts the routing number is the first set of nine-digit numbers. On Business accounts it is the second set of nine-digit numbers.  

To locate your routing number for checking, savings, and money market accounts, look at the numbers along the bottom edge of your check.

Routing Numbers

Conventional Fixed, 15 Years
Rate 3.500% | APR 3.737%
Conventional Fixed, 20 Years
Rate 3.750% | APR 3.936%
Conventional Fixed, 30 Years
Rate 4.000% | APR 4.135%
FHA, 30 Years
Rate 3.500% | APR 4.654%
VA, 30 Years
Rate 3.625% | APR 3.750%
January 17

Duluth, MN